Our May 2019 Success Story: Ms. Mary Safrit

Rehabilitation Success Story, May 2019

mary safrit curis concord success story may 2019Ms. Safrit has been a resident of Curis of Concord since 4/10/19 after being a patient at Atrium of Concord for two weeks while recovering from a pulmonary embolism, pneumonia and UTI. She received Occupational and Physical therapy during her stay at Curis of Concord and was successfully able to return home on 5/16/19.

Upon arrival at Curis of Concord, Ms. Safrit was dependent on supplemental O2 and needed assistance with self-care and ambulation. Ms. Safrit worked hard in therapy for 5 weeks and now she is independent with self-care and ambulation with a rollator walker in the community. She is also no longer dependent on supplemental O2.

Thanks Ms. Safrit to all of your hard work and focus on reaching your highest level of potential. Reliant Rehab staff and Curis of Concord staff all wish you continued success and lasting good health.

Curis at Concord strives to provide excellent care though our high skilled clinical and rehab staff. Our goal is to help all residents reach their highest level of potential through individualized treatment plans.

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