Rehab Success Story March 2019: Mr. Jeff Beaver

Curis Concord Rehabiltation Success March 2019Mr. Beaver admitted to Curis at Concord on February 26th, 2019 after a hospitalization at Atrium North East. After completing his customized rehab program with Reliant Rehab staff, he will be returning home on March 21st, 2019.

When he first came to Curis at Concord he was unable to stand for long periods of time or exercise due to his recent heart surgery which including an aortic valve replacement and his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

Mr. Beaver was placed on sternal precautions due to his surgery which he required education on his exercise limitations in order to ensure his surgery did not have any complications. He is now able to ambulate, using a rolling walker, for community distances without assistance and is now in full recovery and being discharged back home.

Congratulations Mr. Beaver from the staff at Curis at Concord. Best wishes for continued health.

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